Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fakta Menarik

Benda-Benda Yang Membunuh Manusia 

Ajal datang menemui kita di mana-mana dan tidak mengenal masa. Bila cukup tempohnya tidak akan lewat atau awal walaupun sesaat. Lihat fakta menarik dibawah perkara-perkara yang membunuh manusia, semuanya hanyalah asbabnya sahaja:

Journal Articles; Reports - Evaluative
This paper examines the availability of soft drinks in schools and its effects on the growing nutritional problems of American youth. Of special concern is the prevalence of overweight youth, which has been increasing at alarming rates. There has been a direct relationship found between soft drink consumption and overweight in youth. Soft drinks account for as much as 20% to 24% of the calories consumed by youth. Higher rates of soft drink consumption are seen in youth from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.

How to stay safe when lightning is around - "If you can hear it, fear it!"

The best defense is plan ahead and avoid exposure to lightning when a thunderstorm occurs. Know where safe shelter is located and leave enough time to reach safe shelter before your danger level is high. Don't be an isolated tall object, and don't be connected to anything that may be an isolated tall object.

If you are outdoors when you hear thunder, stop your activities and seek safe shelter immediately! Once inside a safe building or vehicle, stay there for at least 30 minutes after you hear the last rumble of thunder.

Rollercoasters could be bad for our health, doctors have warned.A study has shown rollercoasters could be the cause of mystery head, neck and back injuries.
And although the risk of injury is quite small, there is concern that as rollercoasters get bigger, faster and more thrilling, the more injuries and even deaths there will be.

A rollercoaster in Ohio, USA

Some rollercoasters reach G-forces which are more than what astronauts go through.
Serious brain injury
People should also be warned about the possible dangers of rollercoasters before they go on them, the doctors who did the study said.
They found the average risk of hurting yourself was one in every 124,000 rides. But the risk of a fatal injury was one in every 150m rides.
In the past 10 years, there have been 15 reported cases of people having serious brain injuries from rollercoasters, which have led to them dying.

An insurance poll found that 67% of teens admitted to texting while driving at high speed, and 37% of teens admitted to having been "extremely distracted" by texting, in some cases leading to close calls or significant accidents. Even health hazards are starting to appear with texting, with reports of "text thumb" and RSI injuries increasing, as well as most people's posture adopted while texting leading to circulation issues with their forearms.

As we age, our stability diminishes and getting in and out of bed becomes increasingly difficult. The majority of falls usually occurs when getting out of bed. These falls can result in physical injury such as hip fractures and the development of psychological problems like the fear of falling.
There are many factors that can lead to difficulty when transferring in and out the beds, such as medical conditions, mental impairment, and the taking of medications. In addition, bed height, mattress firmness, type of flooring, footwear, and other equipment can contribute to someone falling.
To avoid the accidental bed falls, there is a need for a plan and review of:
* Medical issues relating to physical and mental capacity
* Exercise and rehabilitation plan to strengthen muscles
* Caregiver roles to make sure there is a watchful eye on the patient
* The room, bed and equipment to be used during any transferring
* Products that reduce injury should a fall occur.
The room environment can contribute to safety:
* The lowering the bed height can reduce any injuries. An adjustable height bed can be lowered for safety and then raised to help get out of bed.
* Adjusting the distance of equipment such as a wheelchair, walker, cane, commode or bathroom. Keeping items close reduces the need to stretch and lose balance.
* Keeping a walker nearby can provide support to the patient when getting out of bed.
Products to very carefully review when developing a fall prevention plan:
* Full length bed rails surprisingly can increase the risk of a fall and injury. Someone might try to climb over the rails or try to go around the rail and over the footboard. In addition, entrapment can occur when the rail and mattress are not fitted properly.
* Wrist straps are considered physical restraints and increase the risk for bed falls. The use of restraints can agitate the person and create a situation that can cause physical harm.

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"Warning: Hot dogs can wreck your health."
The billboard features a picture of hot dogs in a cigarette pack inscribed with skull and crossbones. It aims to increase awareness of a link between colorectal cancer and hot dogs.
Hot dogs, like cigarettes, should come with a "warning label that helps racing fans and other consumers understand the health risk," said Susan Levin, the committee's nutrition education director.
Other health experts disagree.
Although hot dogs are certainly not health food, neither are they toxic, if consumed in moderation, they say.
"It is not necessary to eliminate consumption of red or processed meat; rather the message is that these foods should not be the mainstay of your diet," American Cancer Society guidelines state.

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