Monday, March 12, 2012

Worm inside your face???

eewwwwww.....its not possible under normal circumstances!!!!

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I just watched that video. Here's some comments I found:

"This is actually a treatment where they use the lipas tanah (earth roach), chop off the butt and squeeze the ooze on your face (usually its on ur nose) so that it heals certain illness for example the application on you nose is to cure sinus. I first heard of this at Melaka"

"The worms on the guys face are from the roach. This particular species actually carries worms inside its stomach. When rubbed on the guy’s face, the ooze are worms that appears after a while, reacting to the exposed air. People who choose these types of treatment should be aware that the worms dont come from their own face. How do I know this? My grandfather dissected the same type of roach and found the stomach full of worms. Don’t be fooled!"

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