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Gas Pemedih Mata

Sekadar untuk pengetahuan am.

Gas pemedih mata atau agen ‘lachrymatory’ itu sebenarnya bukanlah berbentuk gas, namun lebih merupakan sejenis serbuk asid.

Lachrymatory adalah sejenis bahan kimia tidak merbahaya yang memberi kesan terhadap saraf kornea di dalam mata, yang mana akan menyebabkan kepedihan, kesakitan dan buta untuk beberapa ketika kepada individu yang terhidu ‘gas’ tersebut.

Gas pemedih mata secara umumnya menyerang bendalir yang ada di dalam mata, hidung, mulut dan paru-paru manusia yang akan menyebabkan kepedihan mata, bersin, batuk-batuk, sukar bernafas serta kabur penglihatan untuk suatu tempoh.

Jenis-jenis gas pemedih mata:

‘Oleorasin Capsicum’ (OC), ‘O-Chlorobenzylidene Malononitrile’ (CS), ‘Dibenzoxazepine’ (CR), ‘Phenacyl Chloride’ (CN), ‘Pelargonic Acid Vanillylamide’ (PAVA), ‘Bromoacetone’, ‘Phenacyl Bromide’, ‘Xylyl bromide’ dan ‘Syn-Propanethial S-Oxide’.

Kebiasaannya digunakan oleh pihak berkuasa untuk mengawal rusuhan dan huru-hara dan ada beberapa jenis gas pemedih mata digunakan untuk mempertahankan diri dari serangan individu.

Kesan gas pemedih mata ini boleh diatasi oleh bahan anti asid seperti Maalox, Alka-Seltzer dan banyak lagi produk yang mudah diperoleh dari farmasi-farmasi di seluruh negara – Selengkapnya di mynewshub.my
p/s: pakai garam pon boleh..
Sumber http://www.azharr.com/2011/07/apa-itu-gas-pemedih-mata.html#ixzz1STaGl6Ly 

The best defense against tear gas is a gas mask, but if you don’t have a mask there are still steps you can take to minimize damage from tear gas.
Below are tips on what you need to do to practically eliminate the threat of tear gas.  Things like not panicing and such are important, however your biggest allies are towels, water & air tight goggles. 
Here is what you should do:

1. Wet/soaked towels around your nose and mouth, add lemon juice, cider vinegar or soda-pop to your homemade face mask.  You must wear them as tight as possible. Loose towels won’t do you much good.

2. Take off your contact lenses.  It is one thing to not wear air-tight goggles, it is far worse to wear contacts while you are being gassed.  Wear your prescription glasses instead, you have better chances with them.

3. Protect your eyes: Use swim/diving goggles if you can’t find an air-tight eye protection. If unavailable, hoodies and other head gear might help.

4. It is a good idea to carry a plastic bag with a cloth of paper towel in it soaked in pure emon juice, cider vinegar or soda-pop. Seal it and breath the fumes if you get exposed to high doses of tear gas. Any acid can be used to neutralise tear gas, though bleach is best. Fumes of chopped-up onions underneath the nose can help. Carry some in plastic bag, use as needed.

5. Do NOT panic.  You will only start breathing harder and you will inhale more fumes that will cause more pain.

6. Dress in layers. Once a layer of clothes catches the fumes, you should remove that layer, or you will continue breathing the fumes in smaller doses on extended periods of time. try to wear waterproof/rain clothes as a top layer. If desperate, use heavy-duty garbage bags.

7. Only if you can, kick the launched smoke canisters away from you and other people in your crowd. Do NOT grab them and throw them back right away, they might burn your skin. Only grab and throw back if they are not hot to the touch.

8. NEVER wash/rinse tear gas with hot water. This will open pores and get the skin to suck it more. Use cold water instead.  It is preferable to have a bottle of water dissolving around 5% of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in it to rinse with.

9. Flush eyes with saline or water. To soothe, use alkaline solutions. Mix baking soda, shampoo, milk or Mylanta with water and flush eyes.

10. Avoid creams that are oil-based or sunscreens. They will increase its absorption through skin and will lead to more respiratory consumption as well.

11. Deal with the source: If there is a garbage bin or bucket on hand, put it over the canister. Also, acids can be used to neutralize tear gas.  If you have a bucket, vinegar, and strong gloves, drop the canister into vinegar.
- Use hockey sticks, cricket bats or baseball bats to hit tear gas canisters back at attackers.

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